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Legal & Financial, German Property Law, German Taxes

Our Legal Partner solicitors have specialist German property law and tax teams who will be able to assist all of our clients. They have many years experience and have helped guide many of our clients through any complex legal issues that may have arisen during a Berlin Property purchase.

Our legal Partners are a Berlin based, German, English speaking team. Between the team they have dealt with every type of Berlin Property purchases possible. From a single 40,000 Euro Studio apartment purchase or a 9 million euro, legally complex Apartment block purchase our legal partnering team at are more than capable of guiding you through the purchase process and beyond.

Our legal partners see themselves as their clients personal representatives, and they will always tailor make their services to suit each and every individual clients needs. With many years experience within the team within different fields it is easily possible for them to assemble a highly specialized interdisciplinary team to work on complex briefs and clients cases.

If you would like to have access to further information, and learn more about from our partnering Legal team, please email us at, and a member of our partnering Legal team will be in touch at their earliest opportunity.